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Agrolabs Company offers digital solutions for crop control and remote monitoring, develops, and producers equipment for greenhouses.

Equipment specializes in control of key parameters: pollination in greenhouses, plant nutrition, pest control.

  • Agrolabs B-Control is a system of beehive monitoring and analysis The control of bumblebee activity, the time of their flying and coming back, and the statistical analysis of hive efficiency increase pollination productivity and reduce costs.
  • Agrolabs W-Sens is a substrate control and analysis system that records temperature, weight, EC, pH, and mat, and drainage humidity.

    Smart scales «W-Sens» control and analyze substrate parameters in real time. The data obtained make it possible to build a large set of weekly and seasonal "Reports" on the monitoring of pests, diseases or entomophages, decomposition of biology and chemistry in blocks.

  • Software for agronomy.
  • Intelligent Devices.
  • Robotics.
  • Machine learning.