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About BioProtection

Biological protection, specialized nutrition, biostimulants, technical assistance ... but it takes passion and dedication to grow a crop!

Our beliefs

We believe that with the help of the latest technologies , innovation and responsible attitude of our employees to each of the projects, we can offer solutions growing healthy crops.

Команда компании Биозащита

our team

Today our staff consists of 124 professionals: 5 researchers, 50 scientific and technical specialists, 23 technologists, 10 entomologists, 10 IT-specialists, 15 warehouse and transport logistics specialists, back-office, front-office.
We have brought together the expertise of agronomists, researchers, scientists, technologists and IT specialists to improve the process of crop production and horticulture.

Our services

We save time and efforts on the part of the client, since the experience and knowledge of the company’s specialists in the field of biological plant protection and technological processes help to solve the problem in the shortest possible time, and cooperation with European manufacturers allows you to consistently provide the client with advanced developments.

Own production of Entomophages

BioProtection has its own biofactories that produce clean lines of agriculturally beneficial insects entomophages on an industrial scale. Our company develops and manufactures bioagent packaging systems. These systems are designed to evenly distribute entomophages on plants, without spilling material onto the mats.


One of the most important stages in the process of growing crops is delivery of a live product and creation of proper conditions throughout the entire process. BioProtection has its own park specialized vehicles providing the best logistics solutions for our clients.


BioProtection is a professional innovative company that advises clients on biological crop protection . We are attentive to detail and are confident that we can provide the highest quality service. According to the schedule, our specialists personally visit greenhouse complexes on visits, carrying out comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring the condition of the crops grown, adjusting the crop protection strategy depending on changes.

The agro-data platform we have created for greenhouse complexes Biocontroller is the standard for next-generation agricultural enterprises.

Combine computer and sensor data into one platform

In this way, data, combined with information received from wireless sensors, provide deep, actionable insights that help agronomists better respond to the specific needs of agricultural crops and further optimize production strategies. Reduces workload on staff .

Bio-Rate App

An important criterion for our company is an honest opinion of our clients about us. Your satisfaction with the quality of the services provided and the work of our staff. To solve these seemingly complex tasks using a simple method, the IT-specialists of BioZashchita Company have created a BioRate application . You can weekly rate our work in 1 click. This will allow us to rank our weaknesses through the eyes of our clients, so that we can eliminate them first. Get valuable ideas for development from your clients. What tasks can the BioRate application solve?
  • Obtaining employee performance appraisals from clients;
  • Control over the quality of products and services;
  • Add comments and feedback.
And the management receives through the application information about the ratings, reviews and other reports. Learn more about the functionality of the product – from our specialists.

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