One of the best areas for investment -
is employee training!

Modern greenhouse complexes today are one of the most intensively developing areas of agriculture.

Greenhouse staff training

Greenhouse technologies are improving, more and more processes are being automated, which requires the constant introduction of the latest developments, the use of other approaches to vegetable and floriculture, the modernization of existing systems and changes in working conditions. Therefore, a successful enterprise vitally needs highly qualified personnel who can quickly master new equipment, successfully apply innovative methods of growing, and make the right and responsible decisions. The development of the greenhouse industry requires the development of the level of professional competence and leads to the need for retraining and advanced training of specialists.

We offer:

  • Individual training program
  • Teaching aids and presentations
  • Educational materials in paper and electronic form
  • Possibility of practical testing of technologies for introducing entomophages

The educational programs offered by our company are variable and can be selected taking into account the wishes of the customer. In training, modern teaching methods are used, which make it possible to transfer the knowledge of modern approaches and technologies necessary for the successful operation of new generation greenhouses as efficiently as possible. Training is carried out by specialists in various fields: agronomists, technologists, IT specialists.

We offer managers of greenhouses and industrial complexes to train their employees according to programs developed by specialists of the Biosecurity Company.

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