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BioControler - indoor data platform.

We are not agronomists, we are technologists and IT specialists who create software for agriculture. Therefore, we speak in numbers and believe that with the help of technology and timely received and processed data, greenhouse plants can make the necessary changes to become more productive, sustainable and cost effective.

Real-time monitoring

What exactly does data management of a greenhouse complex give? What are the benefits of real-time crop monitoring?

These are questions of interest to agricultural producers, consultants and researchers.

We help to optimize the process of growing crops along the entire technological chain from the beginning to the end of the turnover. Our platform accepts all kinds of data sources and analyzes information online, allowing you to continually improve your crop production process by observing the development of plants as they grow and mature. We created the BioController platform to put an end to disparate analytics.

Collection and accumulation of TC information

It is important that agronomists can easily collect, accumulate, organize, compare and exchange data. Growers share experiences and strategies to use the most effective ones to grow crops and deal with threats as best as possible. Collecting, organizing and analyzing data is not only useful for productivity, efficiency and resource management, but can also help train new employees.

Continuous pest control anywhere, anytime.

We hear this all the time: from counting insects to diagnosing leaf diseases, a good IPM strategy is based on pest monitoring and control. With up-to-date data, you can identify, track and compare inconsistencies and pathologies. Work on a crop protection strategy and keep an ongoing record of the best conditions for healthy crops. The various measurements are now easily tracked and give a clear picture of the greenhouse watering and drainage.

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Why are we confident that we are building the tools manufacturers need to make the most of their resources?

Through partnerships with leading experts in the field (greenhouses, open ground, vertical farms, research institutes). From collaborative feature development to product testing. We ensure that we anticipate the needs of agribusiness along the entire chain.

All data analysis options in the BioController platform were recommended and based on the experience of greenhouse plant agronomists.

We haven't reinvented the wheel, but we may have simplified it a bit.

6 main advantages of BioControler

Monitoring entomophage pests and diseases

Daily formation of monitoring maps and foci of infection with the identification of pests, oenomophages and diseases, as well as the degree of infection by each type of pest

Write-off of materials

Adding materials to the warehouse with the possibility of writing off for each house for a specific pest

Equipment control

Connecting wireless sensors Agrolabs to control irrigation, pollination and climate

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Get free access to all BioController features in 2 minutes

Accounting for each turnover

Formation of turnovers for each house, indicating the culture, responsible vegetable grower and terms of turnover

Knowledge base

A set of agronomic reference books for the formation of a decision support system for agronomists

Ability to work without the Internet

The mobile application allows you to enter all the necessary data while being directly inside the greenhouse complex with the subsequent uploading of data to the server

How can cultural data improve performance?

BioController accepts all kinds of data sources and analyzes the information interactively, which allows you to continuously improve the production of crops, plants, seeds and bulbs.

Accurate, waterproof, airtight, engineered for flawless connectivity and withstands, sensors come preconfigured and ready to measure in all growing conditions


Manual data entry

There is a lot of important information that does not come from software and sensors.

Thanks to the manual entry function, we simplify the transfer of data collected through a non-technical path directly to the platform and can work with it along with data from irrigation and drainage systems.

Visualization of notifications in charts

Here's how it works.

How data is expressed and visualized can influence your decisions.

Single Value Widgets give a good overview of the big picture by showing values ​​at specific time periods. Charts show continuity and change over different time periods (they are interactive, so you can change time periods, compare with other sensors, view target parameters). Monitoring maps go a step further by showing the changing distribution of values.

Choose your sensor, choose your metric, choose a time period, set maximum and minimum values ​​and get monitoring.

Modern powerful API

The powerful bi-directional BioController API allows you to quickly and easily view sensory data in context by providing information from wireless sensors to external applications or by uploading third-party data to your control panel.

In this way, data combined with information from climate computers provide deep, actionable insights that help growers better respond to specific crop needs and further optimize production strategies.

Measurement of sensor values

Sensory data is a powerful tool in agriculture (or any other industry), allowing growers to use crop-level granular measurements to make better plant decisions. But we know that any data gives a more objective picture and more understanding when combined.

From sensors installed in greenhouses, you get information in one central place, on one digital platform and can be viewed on any device.

Learn more about computing on the BioController platform.

Sensor data is a valuable intellectual property of the customer. This function not only ensures that charts, monitoring maps, graphs are your property, but also the safety of all your data.

Data is backed up daily, weekly and monthly.

When creating a graph, you can choose which data you want to use.

The microclimate in the greenhouse is controlled with exceptional precision at any time of the year.

Treatment zone schemes

Real-time monitoring makes it possible to monitor plants and the growing environment, keeping a constant record of the best conditions for healthy crops.

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