The moment when you become our client can be considered only the beginning of our cooperation, because our specialists have yet to clarify a large number of questions, which means that the whole company, represented by a personal agronomist technologist, will help, prompt, train, develop integrated plant protection strategies … We will not stop until we do everything right and only you decide what is “right”.

it means that:

  • We will demonstrate, show and tell you everything you are interested in from our entire range of products and services;
  • We will devote you to non-obvious subtleties and nuances of diagnostics, selection of drugs, equipment operation.
  • Within the framework of the Agreement, monthly visits of the technologist, monthly recommendations based on the results of the visit using IPM biological control, where possible, and chemical control, if absolutely necessary.
  • Conducting training for greenhouse plant personnel (optional) (link to webinars). Weekly delivery of goods.

We always have time and readiness to provide you with the support you need at any time convenient for you.