【 Компания PlantoSys】 Системы для сельскохозяйственных культур
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A plant is a plant, but each cultivation situation is unique. Every culture has its peculiarities, and you, as a producer, have certain requirements for your product.

We are pleased to present a line of natural biostimulants and fertilizers developed by the Dutch company PlantoSys®.

Plantosys® develops systems for different crops to strenth plant’s protective mechanisms even under adverse growing conditions. The use of salicylic acid, sometimes combined with silver or copper microparticles, stimulates regeneration, root development, and plant immune systems. We improve plant energy by improving nutrient uptake, using willow bark extract in combination with colloidal silver, micro-copper or micro-manganese and micro-zinc. The result is a healthier and disease-resistant crop.