Sudlac - французский производитель теневых красок для теплиц
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Sudlac is a French greenhouse shading producer It’s a 60-year-old company that’s developing different formulas for shading and diffusing light. Its products help to protect crops and greenhouses from large amounts of light and heat to ensure optimal production, regardless of local conditions.

The company offers top-faces that affect the light transmission rate but also modulate the light spectrum.

The range of offered products:

  • Temporary shading that gradually disappears with time and does not need to be removed at the end of the season.
  • Removed shading gives stable results of shading and diffusion of light until removed by appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Protector from corrosion heating pipes.
  • Protector that protects the plastic cover from premature wearing, and which has a thermal-reflecting effect.
  • Cleaner for efficient removal of removable shading and diffusion paints.

Bio Protection Company is the official representative of Sudlac.