Амблисейус андерсони


It is used for biological control of:

Red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae);

Carmine spider mite (Tetranychus cinnabarinus);

Strawberry mite (Phytonemus pallidushrips).


Pepper, cucumber, eggplant, wild strawberry, strawberry, rose, gerbera, chrysanthemum.


1 litre – bottle contains 25,000 predatory mites;

5-litre paper bag contains 125,000 or 250 000 predatory mites;

Waterproof double sachets - the box contains 100 sachets, 25 000 predatory mites;

Mini hooked –sachets - the box contains 200 sachets, 40 000 predatory mites;

Life Line is a continuous tape (50m) consisting of sachets.